Carrig Island, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry

Carrig Island, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry, Ireland

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Carrig Island, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry, Ireland


Carrig Island Monastic Site

Dating from the sixth century, an early Christian church and settlement that was connected with the major monastery of St Senan on Scattery Island (almost opposite on the Clare coast of the Shannon), stood within the lios or large circular earthen-work enclosure. The traces of various buildings on the ground are clearly visible from the air, and also in times of drought. Within the site is a well known traditionally as the Friars’ Holy Well. The remains of a stone church, nave, tower, staircase, chancel and sanctuary dating from the medieval period, possibly 13th century, are still standing, and suggest that the building was once a very impressive structure. Following the reform of the Irish Church in the early 12th century, this establishment, like its mother-house on Scattery Island, was occupied by the Canons Regular of St. Augustine until 1580

This site is situated on the coastline and is directly across from Slattery Island. To the NE lies Moneypoint – to the south lies Carrigfoyle Castle. The view from this site is excellent in all directions. The surrounding land is pastureland. This site is marked on both the 1840-41 and 1914-15 editions of the OS maps.
The main building of the battery which was constructed of dressed stone still remains. The North side measures 16.3m in length, It displays a semi-circular headed dressed doorway which has two pulleys attached, possibly to draw up the door. It also displays four small rectangular windows which measures 0.9m in length.
The south side has no windows or doorway but in the interior running along the wall from the first floor to the roof is a stairway. The eastern side measures 9.85m in length and displays one large window and two small rectangular ones. The western side also has one large window and four small rectangular ones. The date is probably early 19th century.

The above description is derived from the files of the North Kerry Archaeological Survey (Caroline Toal, July 1989).



Carrig Island Church

Carrig Island Church dates back to the 13th Century

The Battery, Carrig Island, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry, Ireland

The Gun Battery
The battery on Carrig Island, once formed part of an extensive network of coastal fortifications around Ireland and Britain that were designed to specifications to enable them withstand heavy naval bombardments from an expected Napoleonic French invasion. The network was built between 1795 and 1815. This Gun Battery is one of the few that have survived. It has a corresponding Gun Battery on Scattery Island on the opposite Clare Coast. In 1889, the artillery garrison was withdrawn and the great guns were dismantled.