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 Michael Joseph O’Rahilly                                                                                                 

Finucane’s Pub was the birthplace of the Irish patriot, Michael O’Rahilly, known as The O’Rahilly. He was born in this house in April 1875. A wealthy businessman, he was passionately interested in Irish economic, cultural and political affairs, and he was a founding member of the Gaelic League and of the Irish Volunteers. O’Rahilly participated in the Easter Rising of 1916 in Dublin, and he died on Moore Street leading a retreat from the General Post Office. Shortly after he was born, his family moved into their newly built three-storey residence around the corner from this establishment. The house in which he grew-up bears a plaque that was unveiled on the 50th anniversary of the Rising in 1966.


 Brendan Kennelly

Brendan Kennelly was born in Ballylongford, Co Kerry, on April 17th, 1936
Kennelly’s Pub is the childhood home of the internationally acclaimed poet and writer, Brendan Kennelly, former Professor of English at Trinity College Dublin

Brendan Kennelly

The Crooked Cross
If Life in Little Places Dies, Greater Places Share The Loss Life, If You Wish, May Not Be Worth One Passing Game of Pitch Toss and Yet a Nation’s Life is Laid in Places Like The Crooked Cross



Malachi Francis Martin

Malachi Francis Martin was born in Ballylongford during the Truce on the 27th. July 1921 and baptised the following day in St. Michael the Archangel Church in Ballylongford by Father Michael Allman P.P.  His Father was Conor Martin, the local dispensary doctor and his mother was Catherine FitzMaurice from Riverview House Tarbert, the village where his father had been the local doctor before transferring to Ballylongford. The Godparents were James Fitzmauirce and Johanna Hayes.

Malachi Francis Martin visited Ballylongford in the 1990s and he met Thomas Moynihan of Killelton, they sat together in Infant’s class in Ballylongford national school.

St.Michael’s Church, Ballylongford, Co.Kerry built in 1871



Ballylongford National School, only the site remains today.